Photodynamic therapy (PDT) – is an organ-preserving method of cancer treatment, which is based on the potential of some substances – photosensitizers – to selectively kill tumor cells at light exposure.


  • Non-surgical removal of skin and mucosa cancers by PDT.
  • PDT for skin cancer of any localization and difficulty, including lesions in the medial corner of the eye and both eyelids (the only clinic in Russia).
  • PDT of primary skin melanoma (the only clinic in Russia).
  • PDT of early invasive cervical cancer (the only clinic in Russia).

The treatment is performed by Popov Pavel Borisovich, MD, PhD, physician oncologist, Top Category in Medicine, leading specialist in treatment of malignant skin lesions in Russia, laser surgeon, author of the most successful techniques of photodynamic therapy.


Advantages of PDT over surgery:

  • Selective removal of tumor cells
  • Preservation of the anatomic integrity of the organ
  • No need for complicated plastics
  • Bloodless
  • Safety
  • Treatment in the out-patient mode