Special clinic of laser and photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a multi-disciplinary medical center equipped with the latest technology. Modern laser equipment with up-to-date medical technologies and the center’s own scientific methodologies allow treatment of any patients’ problems, including most complicated.

Special clinic of laser and photodynamic therapy first opened for patients in 2004 and since then has quickly gained trust of many patients. At present we have the vast experience and modern equipment that helps us resolve any medical problems of our patients, which include skin and mucosa neoplasms.

Statistics shows that about 50% of new patients refer to us by the recommendation of their relatives and friends. A lot of patients, who previously addressed to other Russian and foreign medical centers, could resolve their sore problem only in our clinic.

Special clinic of laser and photodynamic therapy is a unique laser medical center that has on staff medical specialists of highest qualification who work professionally with modern methods of diagnostics and treatment. We are a supportive team of associates and we are proud of our reputation that is based on high qualification and professional skills.

The founder of the clinic is surgeon-oncologist Pavel Borisovich Popov, MD, PhD. Dr. Popov is preparing his thesis for Doctor of Science Degree and is the author of over 40 scientific articles and monographs. He is one of the most successful contemporary oncologists. Over his 20-year practical work in oncology Dr. Popov has completed more than 1000 surgeries with PDT. Dr. Popov has developed and implemented in medical practices advanced PDT methods that were tailored for particular oncological diseases. The treatment outcomes are two-three times better than the existing standards. The scientific breakthrough has become the PDT technology for skin and mucosa melanoma, which was developed by Dr. Popov. In many cases he performs a PDT session in the out-patient unit that substitutes complicated surgeries. Clinical cases that Dr. Popov resolved successfully by PDT had no alternative approach in standard cancer treatment.