Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How can I make an appointment?

Callanyphonenumberatthereception indicated at the website and make an appointment.

What analyses and medical conclusions are needed for nevus removal?

Nothing is needed. At the first visit you will be examined by the oncologist Pavel Borisovich Popov, MD, PhD, Doctor of the Top Category, who will promptly establish the exact diagnosis. If necessary, biopsy and histological analysis of the lesion will be made.

And if tumor cell are found in my nevus, shall I refer to the oncological hospital?

No. Our clinic specializes exactly on treatment of malignant lesions of skin and mucosal membranes. Patients with diagnosed malignant tumors receive the most effective treatment – photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT entirely replaces surgery and radiation therapy. After completed therapy patients are registered with our clinic and undergo periodic examination according to recommendations of Ministry of Health, RF.

Is it possible to have my nevus removed at the first visit?

At your first visit the doctor will establish the exact diagnosis and if the doctor considers it possible, the lesion will be removed at once.

I was diagnosed with skin cancer in the oncological hospital, is it possible to remove that with laser?

Yes, and it will be not the ordinary laser that removes nevus but a special one. Procedure is called photodynamic therapy.

What consequences may occur after nevus removal?

If you remove nevus in our clinic, there will be no any consequences. Firstly, you will have an exact diagnosis; secondly, you will be offered the optimal method of its removal; thirdly, you will have the follow up examination and if necessary (e.g. in case of keloid scar) you will receive adequate treatment.

I have red and slightly elevated spots where the nevi were removed. Will that pass itself or is it necessary to do anything?

That will not pass itself because according to the description these are keloid scars. Such scars mostly occur on the body skin, less often – on the skin of the limbs, and very seldom – on the face. Keloid scars occur when the scar tissue does not develop due to individual features. In order to dissolve elevated scar tissue an injection should be made (a special agent is injected into the scar tissue). Some keloid scars may need several injections.

How long does it take to cease the redness of the areas after nevus removal?

That depends on several factors: from which site of the body the lesion was removed, the surface and the depth of the wound and individual skin characteristics. Thus, on average, the scar acquires the color similar to the surrounding skin in 2-3 months if the wound is on the face and has 5 mm diameter and 2 mm depth. The same scar located on the skin of the arms or body remains pink or reddish for 8-10 months. The scars on lower limbs lose redness very slowly – during 12-14 months on average. The scars on the lower limbs as well as on the forearms and hands change color in the first year in connection with the position of limb or air temperature: lighter with the upward arm, darker with putting down the limb or with over cooling. Keloid scars remain bright pink or red for years if not injected with the special agent.

I was diagnosed skin melanoma; the doctors in oncological hospital say that there is only one therapy method: excision of the tumor with 4-cm margin by scalpel under anesthesia. Is that true?

That is misbelief. Melanoma is a tumor that early develops metastases. The margins cannot prevent their development. In the last century the surgeons sought for radical solution and even amputated the limb, but that did not prevent metastases development, which finally killed the patient. Present understanding of tumor growth implies that surgical removal of melanoma somehow triggers the process of “explosive metastases”. Unlike surgery, photodynamic therapy according to P.B.Popov’s technology both removes the tumor and inhibits metastases growth. In particular, after surgical excision of melanoma metastases develop in 10-16% in the site of surgical operation, but after PDT there are no local metastases at all.

I was diagnosed skin melanoma under the nail, the doctor in oncological hospital offered finger amputation. Is it possible to preserve the finger?

Yes, it is sufficient to complete the session of photodynamic therapy (PDT) according to P.B.Popov’s technology.

I have cervical dysplasia CINIII, the doctors in oncological hospital insist on surgery. Is it possible to preserve reproductive function?

Yes, it is possible. Nowadays there is no necessity to perform deforming operations in women with cervical dysplasia CINIII and even with early invasive cervical carcinoma. The implementation of photodynamic therapy, namely, PDT of P.B.Popov’s technology, in clinical practice leads to the opportunity for a woman to avoid surgery.